Castle Rock Boudoir

What is Boudoir?

It is a lesson in empowerment, self acceptance, and a boost to your self-esteem.
It is about embracing your quirks rather than hiding behind them.
It is about breaking free of the limitations the media has bound us to.
It is about promoting self confidence and a positive body image.
It is about learning to love and express yourself as you are.

You are Beautiful. 

Boudoir Photography is a shameless Celebration of individuality. Of You.




Boudoir Photography Sessions are designed to capture the moments in your life… raw.. beautiful. They represent you, and everything you have been through, endured, what has made you …. And when you look back 20 years from now, on that beautiful metal print artwork hanging above your mirror as you get ready each day, you celebrate you. The beautiful, wonderful, you. Celebrate that body that birthed babies. Celebrate that body that brought you to this place where you are in life. Change the way you see you. Because you are beautiful.

The complete boudoir experience

This day is all about you! Once you book you retainer, your date is secured. Then the fun begins! I am here for you and all of your professional styling and consulting needs. Are you excited yet? We will discuss your vision for your photoshoot, wether you are feeling more fun and flirty or a little more bold, and style you accordingly. I will help you find the most flattering pieces to complement your style and your vision. I even have a couple items you can try on here to give you some more variety. In addition to personal styling assistance, your experience comes complete with complementary hair and makeup. Come ready to be pampered! We will talk more about your vision on the day of the photo session, and I will help direct you though the posing process. Boudoir sessions can be in the studio, our outdoors, the world is your oyster and I am here to help bring your vision to reality! Following your session, your photos will be professionally edited, and we will do an image reveal and further discuss which prints you would like to order. We offer several packages to help you display your art, all of which will be discussed prior to your session, but have no fear you can always upgrade! 

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Boudoir Session Information

On the day of the photoshoot, come with a clean face, and dry clean hair. We have a talented Hair and Makeup Artist who style you beautifully will help you feel flawless the day of your photoshoot. This is a complimentary service that is provided to all of our boudoir clients. Wether you prefer a glam or more subtle look, our team will take care of you! If hair and makeup is not your thing, then we can skip that service, however this is a complimentary offering to you as a client.
Im here to help you with your style from when we book until the shoot, I may even have some pieces you can try here! When you get here we will go through your outfits and come up with a plan for the photoshoot!
On the day of your photoshoot, please wear loose fit clothing (sundress no bra) and be sure to use a clear deodorant. Photoshop can be amazing to help remove blemishes or bruises, but marks from tight fitting clothing can be more difficult. Bring a wide neck, or open front sweater, your mans favorite T-shirt, or button-down paired with knee high socks or thigh high stockings, and don’t forget your favorite set of heels! Lace bodysuits photograph great! Try to avoid loose fitting lingerie (babydolls) as well as loud patterns, and know I am always here for your pre-session styling consulting needs. Try on your items before you arrive to avoid surprises!
This thought of posing in front of a camera can be daunting, but don’t let it! I am here with you every step of the way. I will demonstrate and coach you through the posing process. We will chat about your vision for the photoshoot prior to your scheduled date, and further on the day of before your photoshoot. We have you styled to fit that vision by the time you arrive at the studio. I am here to guide you through the entire process from a vision board to the actual day of your photoshoot. I will help pose you in ways that accent your natural features, and compliment your body. Bring your smile and your confidence because this day is all about you, and you got this!
Following your photoshoot, we will do an image reveal. This will be either scheduled on the day of your photoshoot, or shortly after. At this time you can place your order for your Art! There are samples in the studio where you can view the products in person. We offer prints, portfolio boxes, luxury albums, metal prints, framed luxury canvas, and full digital albums with certain packages. If you are unsure of how you would like to display your art, have no fear! We can help you pick the best pieces to compliment your style!
We do offer girlfriend discount days, where you can bring your friends and make a day of being pampered from hair and makeup to your photoshoot and then enjoy a ladies night out after the session! We offer a $100/$100 referral credit, where you and your friends who book will receive $100 off your session fee!

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